Admission : M.Tech.(Full/Part Time)
  • Admission procedure

GATE for admission to M.Tech. programme. If GATE qualified candidates are not available admission can be granted to Non-GATE candidates based on their performance in entrance examination and interview conducted by the Institute.

Website: www.iitd.ac.in/www.hbti.ac.in

  • Fee Structure                                                                     Please See Annexure III
  • Hostel Facilities

For boys there is a separated converted PG hostel with capacity of 20 students whereas girls student perusing PG courses are accommodated in girls hostel

Contact address of coordinator of the PG programme

M.Tech. Chemical Engg. (Full/Part Time)

Prof. A.K.Mishra, Head ,Chemical Engineering Department ,  HBTI, Nawabganj Kanpur 208002.

M.Tech. Chemical Tech. with specialization in Biochemical Engg./Food Technology (Full Time)

Dr. V. K. Jain, Professor & Head, Biochemical Engg. and Food Technology Department, Fax no.: 0512-2533812, Tel. no.: 0512-2534001-5(ext. 138), e. mail: vkjo2@rediffmail.com

M.Tech. Chemical Tech. with specialization in Oil Technology (Full Time)

Dr. Devendra Agrawal, Professor & Head, Oil and Paint Technology Department, Phone: 0512-2534001-05, Fax 0512-2533812, Email ID : dahbti@rediffmail.com

M.Tech. Computer Aided Design (Full Time)

M.Tech. Industrial System Engg. (Part Time)

M.Tech. Mechanical Engg. Design (Part Time)

Dr. B.K. Misra, Professor & Head, Mechanical Engineering Department, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Nawabganj, Kanpur 208002, Phone No.:  0512-2534001-005, Fax No. 0512-25833812, Email: bkmisra_hbti@rediffmail.com

M.Tech. Electronics Engineering (Full Time)

Smt. Rajni Bisht, Head, Electronics Engineering Department, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Nawabganj, Kanpur 208002, Phone No.:  2534001-005, Fax No. 0512-25833812

M.Tech. Electrical Engineering (Part Time)

Dr. K.A. Mishra, Professor & Head, Electrical Engineering Department, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute,Nawabganj, Kanpur 208002, Phone No.:  0512-2534001-005 Fax No. 0512-25833812 

M.Tech. Structural Engg. (Part Time)

M.Tech. Soil Mechanical (Part Time)

 Dr. Sunil Kumar, Professor & Head, Department of Civil Engineering, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur, Phone -0512-2534001-05 (Ext. 250)  Fax - (0512) 2533812, Email: suniljadon@hotmail.com

  Annexure III

Details of Fee payable for different academic programme

         University Enrollment Fee                          Rs. 100.00

         Institute Fee for B.Tech.                                    Rs. 25000.00

         Institute Fee for MCA                           Rs. 19000.00

         Institute Fee for M.Tech.                       Rs. 17000.00

         Institute & Other Fee excluding              Rs.   3700.00

      contingency for Ph.D.

         Examination Fee to be paid to affiliating university

o        Exam. Fee                                Rs.  3000.00

o        University Development Fee      Rs.    250.00

o        Student Welfare Fund                Rs.    100.00

         Caution Money*                                    Rs.  2500.00

*     Realised from new entrants only.


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